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2 Hob ferrets


Large Hob ferret semi angora, sandy colour.

Hob polecat

Either both go together, or just Hugo the large sandy semi angora.
Both used to children and other pets, bonded pair.
Roughly 9months old.
Have been living inside.
Hugo large semi angora sandy coloured ferret he’s not as jumpy and playful as most ferrets, he likes wandering around more than playing. he’s happy to be held, but can randomly bite if you make him jump, although he hasn’t done this in a long time.

Ottis Polecat he’s a sweet boy, that loves playing and getting into mischief he is a typical energetic and full of character ferret. He’s really lovely, other than little nips when he’s over excited when playing, he’s never bit anyone.

Both have had access to biscuits/kibble throughout the day and feed a couple of times with meat, mince ect

Hugo is mainly full meat eating, but Ottis prefers the biscuits.

  • ID: 5360
  • Name of Breed: Hob ferret semi angora
  • Age of Pet: Less than 1 Year Old
  • Date Available: 2024-01-26
  • Contact Preferences: text or call