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8 Pomsky puppies some blue eye

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8 Pomsky Puppies for Sale.
Eight puppies looking for their forever home. Girls …. and boys Some are developing blue eyes. They have been played with constantly so none of them will have any issues being handled. You can play with their ears, tails, and feet (a lot of dogs don’t like that because they are not used to it). As they have grown various friends and family will be regularly around to play with them. Plus a number of young kids living nearby have been around to play with them. Both Mum and Dad are with them here. They join in playing with the puppies most of the time. They might get a bit stroppy at times with 8 puppies jumping all over them 😉.
I’m available pretty much anytime, if you want to arrange a call or a visit. You’ll be able to see both Mum and Dad with the puppies and how well they all get on, both mum and dad are very tolerant. If you are too far away to travel, I’m more than happy to arrange a video call. If you can I would advise a face to face viewing, you’ll get a much better idea of their nature seeing them and being able to handle them. If you’re lucky you might even get puppies falling asleep on your feet or on your lap, something you can never tire from.
The first time I met Suki (Mum) when she was 6 weeks old, she fell asleep on my right foot. She still does the same even now except its just her head rather than most of her body 😉. They have been chipped, flea’d, wormed and vet checked. They have had their initial health check with the vet at 4 weeks when they were chipped. They will have a second health check and vaccination at 8 weeks when they will be ready for collection.
The only time either parent have been to the vets has been for their scheduled health checks / vaccinations, etc. The puppies were born and initially raised in my bedroom, and have Mum and Dad here with them. Both parents are my pets. Both will be available when viewing the puppies. Dad often plays with the puppies. They love following him around the garden. Mum is unusually relaxed about dad; she was letting him watch them in the welping pen from birth and once they left it has been happy with him playing with them.
Both parents are very well natured always excited meeting new people as you will find out when you come to visit). The puppies all show good nature so far. The puppies have been regularly handled from birth. I play with them regularly throughout the day. Making sure they are all fully happy being handled. They have no issues with any handling, playing with their feet, ears, and tail. I can even open their mouths to check if what they are crunching on is something that should be in their mouths!

Now they are over 4 weeks old I take them outside when the weather is okay. I started weaning them at c. 3 weeks of age. They are now on raw food with some added formula, plus some milk from mum. This has worked very well for their parents and the previous litter.
If you would prefer a slightly larger Pomsky or a slightly smaller Husky, these puppies will be ideal for you. Mum is 75% Husky as her mum was a 100% Husky and Dad was a 50:50 Pomsky both from the same home. I am still in contact with her human parents. ÒDad is 62.5% Husky as Mum was 75% Husky and Dad 50:50. Therefore, the puppies are 68.75% Husky. When viewing, Mum and Dad can be seen to give an idea of the likely size. For ref. Mum was c. 22kg (pre pregnancy) and Dad c. 19kg. Both parents will be available for you to see and interact with when you visit 😀. At birth, they all start with jet-black eyes. They are now developing and some appear to be turning blue.
At birth, the puppies averaged c. 365g. The initial photos are of mum and dad and the litter as a whole. I have added photos of the individual puppies as they have developed.
You will get automatically free puppy insurance for your first 5 weeks from collecting your puppy/puppies. So something you won’t need to worry about to start with. I will also provide some food as well as toys and/or puppy blankets that will smell of their pen and siblings so they will have a bit of home with them.
Unfortunately this site doesnt allow me to upload any more photos, for more please WhatsApp me and I will send you photos of all of the puppies, thank you.
Any more info. required please contact me

Thx Andy

  • ID: 7596
  • Vaccination: Yes
  • Name of Breed: Pomsky
  • Wormed: Yes
  • neutered: No
  • Vet Checked: Yes
  • Micro Chiped: Yes
  • Age of Pet: 8 weeks
  • Mother Can be Seen ?: Yes
  • Date Available: 2024-04-26
  • Breeder: No
  • Contact Preferences: 07775833788
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Coat Length: Medium