For Sale

Baby Guinea Pigs from N17 9**


Cage & Food is NOT INCLUDED.
Must go in pairs. Will not sell one.
Only to a good home.
Selling 2 pairs:

Pair one:
Mother and baby daughter.
Pair two:
Father and baby son.

Hi! Here are some details:
I rescued/adopted 2 guinea pigs, one of them being Dipsy. And one of them sadly passed away. Worried that he will be lonely I have rescued another boy named Bunny. Bunny was getting really fat really quickly and they were humping on one another which I thought it’s a dominance thing.. It turns out Bunny was gaining weight because it was pregnant, and only realising that Bunny gave birth for which I can only say I WAS NOT READY FOR THAT! One moment there are 2 of them.. the next, there is now 5..
Bunny and Dipsy have created the most beautiful little babies I have ever seen.
But I can’t keep all of them and therefore am selling them in pairs.
Mommy Bunny will be going with her daughter who is not named yet so you may name her yourself. They have bonded and won’t separate them.
And Dipsy will be going with his son who also hasn’t been named yet.
They need a good and caring home. Please no breeders.
My pregnancy story happened accidentally and never wish for this to have happened, but it has, so here we go.

More info about each one of them:

Dipsy. Dipsy is a white Abyssinian healthy and playful boy. He is 8 to 9 months old. He is very curious and amazing in giving soft big cuddles. He has a strong personality and is never boring to hold, as he will never stay still. He loves his top of the head rubbed allot and even purrs when done how he likes it. He loves cucumber and is absolutely obsessed with parsley and fresh cuts of grass(by hand not lawn mover). Being a brave boy that he is, still he is a little afraid of the dark and feels the cold quicker than others.

Dipsys Son: Baby boy is a multi colour of strawberry blonde and white patches. Born on 4th of June 2024 at 2:00pm. He is very brave for being just 12 weeks old. He is curious and playful, the males have really bonded and i would not want to break them up. They both chase each other and popcorn dance constantly, it’s quite entertaining to observe. Loves fresh grass and apples. Loves to be cuddled tightly for some reason and loves to sniff everything new.

Bunny: Bunny is also strawberry blonde with white patches except her hair is extra long, the back looks like she has a tail of hair that when washed and fluffy, can be styled and looking very pretty.
Can easily be a showcase Guinea pig.
Bunny is 6 to 7 months old. Bunny ia very gentle and sweet little Guinea. She loves her cheeks rubbed and loves it when you cuddle her without fast movements. She at times fell at sleep whilst me cuddling her. She is the most calmest guinea i ever had. And she was the top mother to her kids by giving her all energy to look after them. Loves fresh grass, parsley and watermelons green skin and orange sometimes.

Bunny’s Daughter: baby girl also is strawberry blonde with white patches. Born on 4th of June at 2:05 pm. the most playful Guinea out of all of them. Always playful and causing mischief. Likes to talk and likes to greet you when ever you walk past with sweet little oink oink sounds(like a squeak) she doesn’t like the cuddles that much yet, but when you let her play out of the cage she will make a game out of it and chase your hand and try to hide in it. She loves cucumber and carrots and fresh grass.

  • ID: 17193
  • Vaccination: No
  • Name of Breed: Abyssinian
  • Wormed: Yes
  • neutered: No
  • Vet Checked: Yes
  • Micro Chiped: No
  • Age of Pet: 12weeks for babies and 6-8m for Adults
  • Mother Can be Seen ?: Yes
  • Date Available: 2024-07-12
  • Breeder: No
  • Contact Preferences: Chat if interested
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Coat Length: Long