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Our kittens have grow into giant MaineCoon kittens with Russian / USA origin! you should expect them to get around 10kg within 1 year!

We’re thrilled to introduce our extraordinary litter of Mainecoon kittens! These little wonders will be registered with either TICA, FIFE, or GGCF 🧡 With both parents hailing from impressive bloodlines boasting over 50 supreme champions in their pedigrees, these kittens are destined to grow into magnificent giants!

ZEUS – Available ✅
PYRO – Available ✅
ELDUR – Available ✅

Both proud parents, each tipping the scales at over 10kg, promise impressive lineage and size. They’re not just cats; they’re a heritage of excellence.

Nurtured with utmost care, our kittens enjoy a life filled with premium nutrition, an array of toys, endless affection. Our home is their playground, with every door open for exploration.

Meet our majestic mother, a blue Mainecoon QUEEN descended from Russian lineage, with a European legacy transitioning to the USA. And let’s not forget our silver-black imported Italian KING, also boasting Russian heritage.

Notably, one of their great-grandmothers earned the esteemed title “Mother of Nations,” being the first female Mainecoon to triumph on a global scale in 1989. The legacy continues with each purring bundle of joy.

Rest assured, both parents have undergone rigorous testing at Laboklin Manchester for various genetic markers, ensuring the health and well-being of our lineage for generations to come.

Your new family member comes complete with:

✅ Pedigree certificate in both paper and digital format (FIFE / GGCF / TICA)

✅ PetPlan’s 5-week immediate cover for peace of mind.

✅ Vaccination card providing comprehensive protection, including against leukemia.

✅ Thoroughly dewormed and deflea’d for optimal health.

✅ Copies of health certificates from both parents, affirming their impeccable genetic health.

✅ A starter goody bag packed with toys, treats, and essentials to welcome your new companion home.

With over 20 generations of purebred excellence behind them, these kittens are more than just pets; they’re a testament to the beauty and majesty of the Mainecoon breed.

We’re located in Manchester but if you can’t make to us then we can bring the kitten and the parents to you 🧡

  • ID: 11369
  • Vaccination: Yes
  • Name of Breed: Maine Coon
  • Wormed: Yes
  • neutered: No
  • Vet Checked: Yes
  • Micro Chiped: Yes
  • Age of Pet: 12 Weeks
  • Mother Can be Seen ?: Yes
  • Date Available: 2024-04-25
  • Breeder: No
  • Breeder License Number: FIFE / GGCF / TICA
  • Contact Preferences: 07842138753
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Coat Length: Long