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KC White Swiss Shepherd Pups


I have now reduced the price of Cleo’s pups to the lowest I am able to accept, this is to give a wider selection of owners the opportunity to offer a home to them, thereby giving them the best chance of finding the very best homes. Contact me today to enquire!

I have registered Cleo’s litter with the Kennel Club.

Please take the time to read through my listing in its entirety, as I’ve included a lot of information, but I’m also more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Cleo is my White Swiss Shepherd. Her KC name is ‘Kabokane’s Cleopatra’. She turned 4 years old in March. She has a fantastic temperament – very gentle, affectionate, loyal and great with children – and she is an exceptional mother to her pups.

Cleo was mated with Mateo. His KC name is ‘Master at Kabokane’. Their mating produced a healthy litter of 9 beautiful pups, late night on Saturday 23rd March 2024.

Cleo has a CoI of 0.0%. Mateo has an inbreeding CoI OF 0.4%. For clarity, this is the Kennel Club’s measure of inbreeding co-efficiency.

Cleo’s Hip Score is a combined total of 13 for both hips. Mateo’s Hip Score is also a combined total of 13 for both hips. This is important as you shouldn’t breed WSSs if they have a combined hip score of 15 or above, to maintain a good standard for the breed.
Cleo’s Elbow Score is 0.5 for each elbow (this is rounded up for a score of 1). Mateo’s Elbow Score is 0 for each elbow. Again this is important as you shouldn’t breed WSSs with a score of 2 or above, to maintain a good standard for the breed.

Importantly for the breed, both Cleo and Mateo are tested and cleared of the following –

*Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
*Multidrug Sensitivity/Resistance

Cleo and Mateo’s genetic result certificate will be provided to those who reserve one of their pups. As well as this, evidence of Mateo’s/Cleo’s KC registration and hip and elbow scoring will be provided. This is on receipt of a deposit through Pets4Homes (or by bank transfer should you prefer).

White Swiss Shepherds provide everything you could want in a dog. They are exceptionally intelligent dogs, making them easier to train. They provide loyalty, and they are especially affectionate if you show them the same.

Please be aware White Swiss Shepherds are high energy dogs and require a lot of exercise and 121 time. They are also a very heavy shedding breed all year round. Please make sure you have done your research on the breed, and are confident they are a suitable match for you.

Suitability will play the largest factor in who takes one of the litter home. A deposit is payable only when you are absolutely certain you wish to proceed with purchasing a pup. For this reason please ensure you have given serious consideration to the decision before contacting me.

In the litter we have…

Girl (Magenta Band) KENLEAP DEMETER
Girl (White Band) KENLEAP ATHENA
Girl (Light Blue Band) KENLEAP APHRODITE
Girl (Yellow Band) KENLEAP THALIA
Girl (Purple Band) KENLEAP HERA
Boy (Orange Band) KENLEAP ZUES

Please see my listing photos for images of the pups.

Deposits will be £265 as and when you are certain you wish to reserve your pup. Please be aware that if you change your mind there is a lot of time that goes in to finding an equally suitable replacement home and there is unpredictability when rehoming. This is unfair on the pup. So please only arrange to pay a deposit if you are certain you can commit to giving the pup their FOREVER home.

A receipt will be provided for the deposit, along with a copy of the mentioned genetic test certificates, hip/elbow scoring, and KC family trees, on the same day the deposit is paid, by email.

You’re welcome to view the pups by video call in the first instance, where you can see the litter with mum, and meet me. If you are taken with one of the pups, and certain you wish to proceed with reserving them, the deposit then becomes payable (payment through Pets4Homes is preferred, or alternatively by bank transfer). Alternatively, you can wait to view the pups in person to make a decision and pay the deposit when you’re here.

You will be able to view your pup in-person for the first time from the weekend of 27th April ’24. This marks the pups being 5 weeks old. I do not permit the pups to be viewed (in-person) before 5 weeks, as the pups are still not full weaned off mum, and I want to avoid anything that will put unnecessary extra stress on her.

Hopefully when you read this listing it will go some way to demonstrate that I know a lot about raising healthy pups in a responsible way, and I do so in a caring family environment. Both parents of this litter are in prime health and genetic tested for the breed-specific disorders which could have effected them and their pups. Both have temperaments you would be proud of in your pup. All of this is to ensure that one of Cleo’s pups will provide you with a healthy dog for life.

The price of the pups has been set to reflect the breed, the work and sleepless nights that are put in to rearing the pups, the cost of raising the litter including any medical and dietary requirements that have been required for mum and pups, and the financial commitment of owning a new dog. It is only fair that all owners pay the same for their pup, so please note that the price is fixed.

All pups will have had first vaccinations, worming, and be micro-chipped before they leave to go to their new homes. You will receive proof of the above, puppy food, 5 weeks free KC insurance, and a blanket with the scent of the mum and siblings to ease the transition to their new home. I should be able to provide their first spot-on flea treatment to go home with (but this will depend on stock availability at the vets I use)

  • ID: 9968
  • Vaccination: Yes
  • Name of Breed: White Swiss Shepherd
  • Wormed: Yes
  • neutered: No
  • Vet Checked: Yes
  • Micro Chiped: Yes
  • Age of Pet: Weeks
  • Date Available: 2024-05-18
  • Breeder: Yes
  • Contact Preferences:
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Coat Length: Long