For Sale

Point of Lay Brown Hens


We are buying a small flock of hens and would like to offer the opportunity for others to buy hens too at a good price. Description below. Any further questions please let us know. Collection available by end of November. Move fast as this opportunity will be gone after the end of November.

This breed of brown hen offers high peak and persistent production
Feather colour: red with white underfeathers
Bird temperament: very docile
Average body weight at 18 weeks: 1.480 kg
Average body weight at 80 weeks: 1.900 kg to 2.200 kg
Age at 50% hen-day production: 142-152 days
Hen housed performance to 72 weeks: 310-320 eggs
Hen housed performance to 80 weeks: 349-359 eggs
Period over 90% production: 20-22 weeks
Period over 80% production: 38-43 weeks
Livability at growing period (0-18 weeks): 96-98 %
Livability at laying period (18-80 weeks): 93-96 %
Feed consumption at growing period: 6.46 kg/bird
Feed consumption at laying period: 117-127 g/bird/day
Feed conversion: 2.0-2.2 kg/kg
Average egg weight to 72 weeks: 63-65 g
Egg weight at 35 weeks: 62.8 g/egg
Egg weight at 80 weeks: 68.7 g/egg
Egg shell colour: brown
Egg shell strength: excellent

  • ID: 5339
  • Name of Breed: hens
  • Age of Pet: 6 months 5 days
  • Date Available: 2024-01-26
  • Contact Preferences: text or call