For Sale

Selection of tropical fish


We have unfortunately had to shut our 350 litre tank down as it had a leak. I have now had to put all the fish in a small tank for now.

Ideally looking to sell all to one person. All fish needed for a community tank.

There are:
Guppies, x quite a few
Mollies x a few
Cory’s 4
Yoyo loaches x2
Wagtail x1
Glass fish x1
Ottos x2
Sandfish x1
Bristle nose pleco x1
Apple snails x1
Nitrate snails x2

Ages vary from 4 weeks to 4 years as we have baby guppies and mollies etc

  • ID: 11306
  • Vaccination: No
  • Wormed: No
  • neutered: No
  • Vet Checked: No
  • Micro Chiped: No
  • Age of Pet: 4 weeks
  • Date Available: 2024-04-24
  • Contact Preferences:
  • Gender: Mixed