Posting on BuyAPet

1- All posts will automatically expire after 4 weeks

2 – Sellers can create adverts to advertise pets (for sale, wanted or adoption)

Select the category of the advert you would like to create (Sell or Wanted or Adoption)

Wanted – Buyers can create Wanted adverts in order to look for particular pet (you will need to upload a photo of particular pet you are looking for we will accept google images for wanted ads only)

Sell  – Pets advertised for sale, usually at a higher cost than adoption listings.

Wanted- Pets advertised from buyers looking to buy and can be contacted by sellers

Adoption  – Rescues and individuals rehoming pets they can no longer keep.

3 – Fill in the remaining details of your advert following step by step then submit (if you wish to FEATURE, please pay via paypal or card, if you do not wish to FEATURE then please click on my account) (If you have made an error on your post, please go into your listings section on your account which will enable you to edit) 

4- No Offensive or sexual images or wording can be used on BuyAPet (This will result in your account being banned)

5 – Even though we try to manually review posts to ensure they contain the correct required information, scammers ect, some posts may slip through the net, if you find anything post on BuyAPet that you think should not be on there then please contact us URGENTLY 

6- Reasons your post maybe rejected/removed – We have received a report and investigated and made a decision to remove your post or yourself,  if you break the rules or you do not provide enough information (please note hold the right to remove any posts or users at our discretion and any services paid would be none refundable (by signing up to you agree to all our terms and conditions) 

7- We are aware we can also get things wrong, if your account has been removed from or your post has been removed and you think we have done this incorrectly in error then please contact us by clicking HERE  to enable us to rectify the situation.

Remember some dogs are BANNED in the UK here is the LIST (They cannot be posted on BuyAPet)

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • XL Bully dog

It’s also against the law to:

  • Sell a banned dog
  • Buy a banned dog
  • Abandon a banned dog
  • Give away a banned dog
  • Breed from a banned dog

For Government information, please visit

For FULL Terms & Conditions/Rules that you must adhere when posting , please click HERE