Suspect Puppy Farming ?


If you suspect a puppy farm, or a unlicensed breeder you must walk away !!

1 – If you believe a user on BuyAPet is 1puppy farming, inform us immediately.

2- If you believe a user on BuyAPet  is a unlicensed breeder or is breaching the terms of their breeding license, report them to the local authority in question.

3- If you feel that the pets in question are being neglected or kept in unsafe or harmful environment, report them to the R.S.P.C.A.

4- If you see any cruelty, abuse, dog fighting or any other criminal activity, contact the police.

5-If you have bought a puppy that you find is unwell, not as advertised or that was sold dishonestly, seek legal advice from a solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau. You may also wish to contact the Trading Standards.

For More Advice and Information Contact Your Local Vets or Authorites !!

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