How Do I Use BuyAPet

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1-Click Create An Account (Check Spam)

2- Click Post Your Ad (Complete All Fields Correctly) (Upload Photos)

3-Click On My Account (You Will See Your Dashboard)

-My Listings (This Will Show Your Listings) (You Can Edit/Delete)
Favourites (This Will Show Your Favourites)
Chat ((This Will Show Your Chat Logs, On Mobile Swipe Right To See All Chats) (You Can Reply/Delete)
Payments (This Will Show All Your Payments Made To BuyAPet)-Account Details – (This Will Show Your Account Details) (You Can Edit/Change Password/Upload Profile Photo)

4-Await to Be Contacted By A Buyer

5-Be Honest & Clear & Have All The Correct Documentation Ready For The Buyer

1-Search For Your Desired Pets Via Category/Location/keywords

2-Contact The Seller Via Live Chat/SMS/Email (DO NOT EXCHANGE ANY MONEY)

3- View The Pet In Person (Check All Documents Carefully, Check Pets Health/Fully Verify The Seller)

4-If Your 100% Satisfied Pay For Your Pet

5-Take Your Pet Home

You will receive one email advising you a buyer has made contact via Live Chat, you will need to check your messages every few hours, all messages are private and encrypted and the system will delete them after 14 days, if you wish to close your account, please contact us directly

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