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Why Dogs Love to Bury Treats

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Have you ever wondered why your furry friend feels the need to bury their treats? Dogs exhibit this behaviour due to their instinctual nature, harking back to their wild ancestors. In the wilderness, dogs would bury food to hide it from other animals and ensure a future meal. Despite our domesticated companions no longer needing to hoard food for survival, this buried treat behaviour remains ingrained in their DNA.

Dogs possess an extraordinary sense of smell, far superior to that of humans. When dogs bury their treats, it’s like creating a treasure map for themselves. By hiding their treats, they engage their sense of smell in the search for buried treasure, adding an element of excitement and satisfaction to their mealtime routine.

Just as humans find comfort in familiar routines, dogs seek security in the act of burying treats. It provides them with a sense of control over their possessions, much like how we tidy up our surroundings to feel organised and safe. Burying treats can be a calming and soothing ritual for dogs, reducing anxiety and stress in their daily lives.

Beyond the practical reasons for burying treats, dogs also engage in this behaviour as a form of play. Much like how children enjoy playing hide-and-seek, dogs find joy in burying their treats and then ‘uncovering’ them later. This playful behaviour strengthens the bond between pet and owner and adds an element of fun to their daily interactions.

While the act of burying treats may seem puzzling to us, it is a natural and instinctual behaviour for our canine companions. By understanding the reasons behind this behaviour, we can better appreciate and accommodate our furry friends’ needs and instincts. So next time you see your dog burying a treat, remember that it’s not just about hiding food – it’s a multifaceted behaviour rooted in their ancestry and instincts.

The habit of burying treats is just one of the many unique quirks that make dogs such fascinating and lovable companions. By embracing and understanding this behaviour, we can deepen our connection with our furry friends and provide them with the comfort, security, and joy they seek in their daily lives. So let your dog indulge in their buried treasure ritual – it’s a delightful reminder of the wild instincts that still lurk within our beloved pets.


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